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Music Director

 Originally from western Massachusetts, Harry spent most of his college and graduate school years in the Midwest, where he earned degrees in botany from Indiana University (BA) and the University of Wisconsin (MS). In retrospect, two life-changing experiences from those years were discovering the hammered dulcimer and learning that singing with others can be joyful and nourishing to the soul.

Music provided Harry’s first contact with Unitarian Universalism, when he was invited to play dulcimer at a service at the UU Church in Arlington, MA. A couple of years later he moved to central Maine to teach high school science and began attending the Waterville UU Church, which he joined in 1987. Twenty-one years later, Harry left teaching to devote himself more fully to music, as a therapeutic dulcimer player, leader of the hospice-style choir The Tourmaline Singers, and music director of the Waterville church.

For Harry, music is inseparable from religion. Music is an essential part of worship and a microcosm of the spiritual realm: through singing and playing, we join in a unifying experience far greater than the sum of its parts. It is Harry’s pleasure to work with Reverend Meg to integrate music into a well-designed service, and his joy to lead the church’s UU Singers twice a month, enhancing our services with uplifting and contemplative music from a variety of traditions and sources.

Harry is the husband of Linda Woods, an environmental activist and retired teacher, and father of Andy Vayo, who lives and works in Fitchburg, MA. Harry’s favorite leisure activities include hiking, cross country skiing, and African drumming. Those who are curious about his therapeutic music practice can learn more at his website,