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Religious Education

We provide Religious Education instruction and activities each Sunday using UUA sources and curriculum. Children and youth begin the hour in the sanctuary participating in the service for worship. After the Children’s Focus, children and youth leave the sanctuary and go to their Religious Education classes.

In our Religious Education classes we consider and explore our relationships with each other and with the earth, UU religious traditions and principles, the religious traditions of our Judeo-Christian heritage and other world cultures, and how to work for a fair and equitable world.

Religious Education class topics are shared with the congregation in the monthly newsletter, The POINT, and in each Sunday’s Order of Worship bulletin. This is done to let our church community know what our children and youth are studying and to encourage conversations between our younger people and adult church goers. Also, the year's calendar of scheduled classes is posted on the RE bulletin board and on the sub-pages listed under Religious Education  

Teachers choose the Sundays and topics they want to teach. With at least four people per team, each person teaches about eight times during the church year. This number varies depending on the number of Multigenerational Services held and the number of Sundays we have guest teachers.  

The full Religious Education Committee meets once a year to prepare for the new year of classes. Teaching teams meet during the year as needed and at year end to review the completed year and to make plans for the next year. There is usually much enthusiasm as teachers review and give input regarding curriculum choices!                                                                                                         For more specific information about the RE program, click on appropriate pages below.